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Staff Biography: John Boggs


John Boggs

General Manager and Sales Associate
of WPGW Radio

Host of WPGW Breakfast Club

Email John at: wpgw@wpgwradio.us


John Boggs graduated from Portland High School and attended Indiana University in Bloomington, as an honors chemistry pre-med student.  John's pursuit of a medical degree was interrupted by marriage which led him by default into a career of sales and sales management.  As General Manager of WPGW, he brings both a large and small market experience. 

John discovered the advertising industry through selling advertising schedules to local businesses for a new radio station in Bloomington.  John continued in radio in the Indianapolis market, moving on to sales and general management in radio in Fort Wayne and then on to the South Bend market before returning to Indianapolis in 1991 ending up in both radio and television management.  In 1998, John entered the print advertising business with a publisher in East Central Indiana, allowing him to move home to Portland.  John spent eleven years as a magazine publisher with niche publications focused on the senior market and women's special interest publications.